Indonesian Community of New England, Inc. - Indonesian organization in Wellesley MA

Indonesian Community of New England, Inc.

ICONE, Inc. or Indonesian Community of New England, Inc., is a non-profit and volunteer-driven organization based in Massachusetts and founded in July 2015. ICONE, Inc. serves as the umbrella entity for various coordinated community initiatives, by and for all Indonesians in New England, USA.

Our missions are:

1. to empower and bring the best out of Indonesians in New England.

2. to promote Indonesian arts, culinary, and culture to the general public of New England.

Our visions are:

1. to establish a better, more connected and productive Indonesian community regardless of ethnicity, social-economic background, and religions.

2. to establish an Indonesian Community Center, where people across New England can come to share, learn and gather to conduct various community, education, arts, and culture programs.

We welcome any type & size of support, participation, and donations to help make the above mission and visions come to a realization.

Let's do something positive together for the common and greater good of our community.

8 Ox Bow Rd.
Wellesley, MA 02481

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